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Heather Higo

Simon Fraser University

Heather began beekeeping as a student in 1987, completed her Master’s degree in Dr. Mark Winston’s lab at Simon Fraser University in 1994, and continued working in bee research, running Dr. Winston’s SFU bee lab until it closed in 2007. Since then she has worked on several bee research projects at UBC in Dr. Leonard Foster’s lab, including the BeeIPM, BeeOmics, and Bee Health in Blueberry projects, and is currently back at SFU managing a bee research field project testing a potential new miticide with chemist Dr. Erika Plettner. Research interests include honey bee health, pathogens and pests; blueberry pollination and effects of agriculture management on pollinators; and queen breeding and overwintering. Heather also runs a small honey bee queen rearing operation in the Fraser Valley and gives extension talks in the bee community.