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Lab Exchange: Undergrad Students

Are you interested in doing real science and learning from experts in the field? Do you want to learn new skills and lab procedures? Are you looking to build your research network?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, come join researchers in the BeeHIVE cluster and learn a wide range of subjects about bee health, including bee genomics and biology, geochemistry, and environmental monitoring.

BeeHIVE professors are inviting undergraduate students to come work in their labs for internships. These are great opportunities for you to learn real-world lab techniques and generate real scientific results. Contact the person listed below for project details.

Check this list from time to time as new projects are added. 

Projects Offered

“Long-range Transport of Aerosol Particles from Asia to the Pacific Northwest.”
Duration: Variable depending on student's interest, but minimum of 4 weeks.
Contact: Dr. Allan Bertram, Department of Chemistry, Posted July 24, 2019