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Jean-Thomas Cornélis

Assistant Professor

Université de Liège (Belgium)

Dr. Cornélis is an Assistant Professor at UBC’s Faculty of Land and Food Systems. He received his PhD in soil science in 2010 (UCLouvain, Belgium) and was FNRS Fellow at UBC (2011–2013). His research focuses on the study of soil processes that control the biogeochemical cycles of nutrients and how soil-plant feedback interactions respond to changes in the environmental drivers. His process-based approach focuses on the soil system, which by nature integrates processes at different scales and with different disciplines. Jean-Thomas aims to strengthen the leading position of soil conservation to meet the challenge of a sustainable agriculture, where pollinators are keys. He takes the complexity and diversity of processes occurring in soils to teach students about the notion of critical thinking and complex thought. He loves to brainstorm new ideas and has always been passionate for the understanding of feedback interactions between physical, chemical and biological components of ecosystems.